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About Alpaca Yarns

Alpaca Yarns was created in 2017 by Leigh Woods.

Having successfully bred award winning Suri alpacas a natural step was to use their rare and unique fleece to produce a 100% British Suri Alpaca Yarn and products.

Suri alpacas are the 'rare breed' of the alpaca world, their long flowing locks are very different to that of the more normally seen Huacaya alpaca.

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About Alpacas

Alpacas are members of the South American camelid family, originally bred by the Incas in South America and found naturally in Chile and Peru. They come in two types – the Huacaya, with a woolly fleece and the sensational Suri whose fleece hangs in silky spiral locks, giving a fine and lustrous silky fibre.

The structure of alpaca fleece differs from wool in that the individual fibres, which are measured in microns are smooth so there is not the prickle factor than can be found with sheep’s wool. It is also climate adapting-warm in winter but cool in summer and perfect for allergy sufferers as dust mites find it difficult to live in.  

Why Alpaca?


Alpaca fibre, sometimes mistakenly referred to as alpaca wool, is sorted into 22 distinct colors, ranging from blacks through browns and whites, and including subtle shades of peach and greys. It can be blended into an infinite array of natural colors, including combinations that do not occur naturally and takes and retains dyes very well.


Alpaca fibre has no lanolin and unusually strong and resilient. Fabrics made from alpaca fibre are easy to care for and long-lived. Alpaca fibre has many benefits and special qualities.


Alpaca fibre has excellent thermal qualities regulating temperature to be warm in  winter and cool in summer.

Alpaca fibre has a rich silky sheen.

Alpaca fibre is warmer than Merino wool.

Alpaca fibre is more abrasion resistant than Merino wool.

Alpaca fibre has a higher tensile strength than wool.

Alpaca fibre contains no grease, oil or lanolin and does not smell.

Alpaca fibre does not retain water.

Alpaca fibre can be carded and blended with other natural and/or synthetic fibres.

Alpaca fibre can be easily dyed any color without losing its sheen.

Alpaca is a perfect choice for people who cannot wear woollen garments next to their skin.


Rare and Unique Suri Alpaca


Besides the wonderful characteristics of all alpaca fibre, rare suri fibre has some characteristics that set it apart from the more ususal huacaya fibre. Suri fibre has a fine smooth silky feel to it and a fleece grows in long twisted locks. It feels cool to the touch and has a high degree of shine called lustre. Suri fibre when used in garments drapes very well. This drape along with the natural lustre, makes suri garments look very glamorous. Suri fibre is closer to silk than wool in its look and feel and can compete very well with other exotic fibre such as cashmere. It makes a pefect choice for fine yarn to weave, crochet or knit with.


The Incas held the suri in such high regard that its exquisite fleece was reserved only for use in the production of cloth to be used by royalty and known as 'The fibre of the Gods'.

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Alpaca Yarns

UK Suri Alpaca
UK Suri Alpaca 2

Unique British Suri Alpaca

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