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Established in 2008, Lilies and Chillies is a nursery borne out of a love of gardening, plants and propagation. Our healthy plants are grown and cared for at our own nursery using high quality compost, food and traditional methods.


Growing advice is always available, as well as garden consultation & planting plans. Visits to the plant nursery can be made by appointment.


We are available for talks to local garden clubs, horticultural societies and other interested groups. Subjects include ‘Lilies & Companion Plants’, ‘Plants for Shade’ and even a light hearted look at our endeavours in starting a nursery with seasonal plant highlights.  A full list of talks can be found here.


Please contact us for more details.


An old Chinese proverb says ' if you want to be happy for an hour get drunk, if you want to be happy for a day have a feast, if you want to be happy for a week get married but if you want to be happy for a life time create a garden!'


May all your weeds be wildflowers, thank you, Richard & Leigh Woods.

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